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I must buy a new suit for my son. No one knows. Do you know if she can speak English? How do you plan to get home? He resembles his grandfather. That is an old castle. I want to sleep a little longer. There's a pencil in front of the lamp. I don't find words to express my thanks to you. Hi, is Mrs. Smith there, please?
Easyworship Full: - She blamed him for all her problems.
- I had a good time at the party.
- She didn't like him at first.
- They have their own troubles.
- He was robbed when coming home late at night.
- Your things are all there.
- I'll never forget this experience.
- He devoted himself to music in those days.
- Well, in my country everyone has to take English starting in the first grade. I've been taking English courses for 12 years now.
- I know, once you start eating vegetables and bread again you'll probably start gaining weight.
Oh, Where is that? He is getting better bit by bit. I get up at 6.30. Are you ready? Those are my books. This thin book is mine. I looked around me. How late are you open? Where can I find toothpaste? Tom intends to live in Boston for more than a year.

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