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She was out when I called. He came home late last night. Please say hello to her if you see her at the party. The baby cried himself to sleep. I think it's unlikely that aliens similar to what we see in the movies have ever visited our planet. I know your brother very well. Do you have another one? Which is your bag? An expert was called for advice. He turned to his friend for help.
Muziek Mobiel: - I'm sorry to disturb you while you're talking.
- We talked until two.
- Are you old enough to vote?
- Is anyone else coming?
- Tom has less money than his brother does.
- What flower do you like best?
- I know your brother very well.
- The lake is a long way from here.
- What in the world do you think you're doing?
- Tom is a good cook.
There is an urgent need for a new system. Can I buy a ticket for the concert here? Don't work too hard! Did I get clarity in my doubt? She scolded him for being late. New York is worth visiting. I think Tom and Mary are secretly married. I don't want it anymore. Go and see who it is. I can't figure out what she really wants.

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